On 5 December, Dmitry Medvedev will speak about the Government’s performance in 2019 in an interview with 20 television channels of the first and second multiplexes

Dmitry Medvedev will report on the country's socioeconomic development and the Government’s performance in the outgoing year, as well as the basic tasks facing the cabinet.

Transition to digital broadcasting was completed in Russia in October 2019. People in 85 regions can now watch 20 federal television channels of the first and second multiplexes broadcasts in digital form only. This year, the annual year-end interview will be held in a different format: the Prime Minister will answer questions by representatives of the channels of the first and second multiplexes of concern to their audiences.

In Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev will be streamed at 12 noon on 5 December by Rossiya 1, Rossiya 24, OTR, Mir, Mir 24 and Zvezda television channels, as well as Radio Rossii, Vesti FM and Mayak radio stations. The interview will also be broadcast live by the Government’s official channels on VKontakte  and YouTube.

The core messages will be posted on the Government’s account on Twitter . Backstage footage and onstage reports will also be available on the Government’s account on Instagram.

The first multiplex comprises Channel One, Rossiya 1, Rossiya 24, Rossiya K, Karusel, MatchTV, NTV, OTR, Channel Five and TV Centre channels.

The second multiplex includes Domashny, Zvezda, Mir, Muz TV, Pyatnitsa, Ren TV, Spas, CTC, TV-3 and TNT channels.