Dmitry Medvedev meets with President of China Xi Jinping

Current aspects of Russian-Chinese trade and economic cooperation were considered, including interaction in the energy sector, industry, high technology, agribusiness, tourism, transport and other areas.

From the transcript:

Dmitry Medvedev: President Xi Jinping, my warmest greetings. Moscow weather seems to be welcoming you, it is very warm, which fully reflects the nature of our relations. You are on a state visit to Russia: tomorrow you will take part in the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, and yesterday you held talks with President Putin and signed a joint statement on the development of a comprehensive partnership and cooperation in the new era, as well as a large package of other agreements. All these events fully reflect the nature of our relationship. You said yesterday that our relationship at the moment is as strong as a rock, and we must cherish our strategic partnership as the apple of our eye. I fully share this view. Yesterday a gala was held at the Bolshoi Theatre to mark the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and China. You and President Putin visited the Moscow Zoo, which was given two pandas as a gift, and that is another symbol of our friendship. Everyone will see this, especially the citizens of this country.

Our countries cooperate in every area – on the economic and political tracks, within the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, BRICS, the G20, and the UN Security Council. This all reflects the various facets of our current cooperation. As for intergovernmental contacts, in September we will hold the 24th regular heads of government meeting in St Petersburg, as a follow-up to your talks during this visit. I would ask you to convey my greetings to Premier of the State Council, Mr Li Keqiang, and other Chinese comrades. The number of events that bring our countries closer together is increasing every year. I would like to once again cordially welcome you, and wish you a successful stay in our country.

Xi Jinping (via interpreter): Prime Minister Medvedev, my dear friend, I am glad of our new meeting. We meet often; last year you headed the Russian delegation at the first China International Import Expo, where we exchanged views on the development of our relations and the deepening of multifaceted cooperation. This year I am visiting Russia. You noted correctly that President Putin and I have summed up the development of our relations and outlined new targets. Last year we exchanged views on many issues.

The content of our strategic interaction is constantly expanding. In particular, this year marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Thanks to our joint efforts, our relations continue to expand fast. Among the relations between major powers, ours are distinguished by the highest level of trust, cooperation and strategic value; they have become an important guarantee of peace, stability and development in the world.

Currently, our relationship has entered a new era. Yesterday, President Putin and I signed two important agreements, and a joint statement. I believe that both sides will make additional efforts for the sustainable deepening of our multifaceted cooperation for the benefit of our peoples, giving an even stronger impetus to both our countries’ development.

Mr Prime Minister, in a few months, you and Premier Li Keqiang will hold the 24th regular meeting to discuss closer cooperation on various tracks. I am sure that your meeting will bring many good results. Thank you.