Dmitry Medvedev comments on the outcome of Ukraine’s presidential election

Dmitry Medvedev: Ukraine has voted, and the election results clearly show that voters are eager for new approaches to resolving Ukraine’s problems. It is obvious that the new president will have to consolidate the country with due account of the realities that took shape over the past years. I have no doubt that Ukraine’s new leader will stick to the rhetoric toward Russia he used during the campaign, repeating the same ideological tenets we know all too well, targeted at various social groups. I have no illusions whatsoever in this regard. At the same time, there is still a chance for Ukraine to improve its relations with Russia. What will it take? Honesty, as well as a pragmatic and responsible approach with due account for all the current political realities in Ukraine, primarily in the east of the country. Therefore, the main thing we can wish the new Ukrainian leadership is common sense, as well as to understand the inherent value of relations between the peoples of our countries that transcend all momentary political considerations.

This is the only way of reviving economic cooperation that has practically ceased, which would pave the way to resolving extremely challenging social problems millions of Ukrainians are facing today.