Meeting with Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O'Neill

Excerpts from the transcript:

Meeting with Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O'Neill

Peter O’Neill: Let me thank you for taking the time to come and support us here in the Pacific. Of course, the engagement with all our economies will be greater. I want to thank you for the support that you’ve given us to host this APEC, and for the support from your government in some of the logistics for the APEC, which we are grateful for. We are very privileged to have you in our country.

We are trying to make it a very Pacific-style APEC, very relaxed, but the agenda is quite important. We think that the inclusiveness of the economies in the changing global situation, particularly in technologies around the world, and making sure we raise our peoples’ standard of living in all our economies is something that’s important.

I hope that the outcomes that we’ll agree to at the APEC Leaders’ Meeting tomorrow is something that we will all support and carry on.

Let me again welcome you to Papua New Guinea.

Dmitry Medvedev: Mr Prime Minister, it my pleasure to meet with you again. I would like to congratulate you on hosting the APEC summit, which is indeed a momentous event for Papua New Guinea. Thank your very much for your hospitality and the wonderful atmosphere.

You are absolutely right, the agenda is very important and substantive. We will partly focus on it today and tomorrow. And now we have a chance for a brief exchange of opinions on how we should develop contacts and ties between Russia and Papua New Guinea.

Thank you very much again for your hospitality. The conditions here are excellent.