Dmitry Medvedev congratulates Li Keqiang on the 69th anniversary of the People's Republic of China

The Prime Minister's message to the Premier of the State Council of China reads, in part:

“In the past decades, friendly China has achieved considerable success in various areas. It is important that the Russian-Chinese comprehensive trust-based partnership and strategic cooperation have reached an unprecedentedly high level. 

We are carrying out active coordinated work to implement large-scale joint projects in energy, industry, transport infrastructure, high technology, science, culture, and other areas. Our interregional and cross-border contacts are growing stronger as well. An eventful programme is underway as part of the 2018−2019 reciprocal Years of Russian-Chinese Interregional Cooperation. 

I am positive that through our joint efforts we will be able to give a new impetus to further boosting the entire scope of our comprehensive cooperation.”