Greetings to participants of the 6th Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference


Welcome to the 6th International Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference in Moscow.

This unique discussion platform has brought together over 3,000 delegates from dozens of countries today to discuss important issues related to fighting the HIV infection.

The human immunodeficiency virus is a serious global problem that all countries face. Tens of millions of people live with this disease all over the world. Thanks to the efforts of scientists, the tireless work of doctors, and civil initiatives, there is hope that we can defeat this disease.

Russia consistently addresses this problem and actively works to counter HIV/AIDS. The funding of specialized programmes grows each year, and significant assistance is provided to Eastern European and Central Asian states for fighting this disease.

We have already done a lot, but we must incorporate advanced technology into prevention programmes, upgrade epidemic control, monitor the spread of the HIV virus, improve treatment quality, expand medical and social support for people living with HIV, and, of course, invest in research and development.

I am sure that the conference will give participants an opportunity to share their expertise and skills, and will help them find new solutions for effectively countering the HIV virus.

I wish you success and productive work, as the lives and health of millions of people depend on its results.

Dmitry Medvedev