Dmitry Medvedev holds talks with President of China Xi Jinping

The agenda included current issues of bilateral cooperation in trade, investment, energy, industry, transport infrastructure and agriculture.

Excerpts from the transcript:

Dmitry Medvedev: Mr President, your visit is yet another contribution to the strengthening of our strategic partnership and cooperation. I am confident  your visit will help to further improve our relations, which have already reached an unprecedentedly high level.

Our governments continue to cooperate, and we meet regularly. Last year, we met in St Petersburg, and this year I hope to visit your wonderful country for intergovernmental talks.

Xi Jinping (via interpreter): We are pleased at the positive development of the Russian economy and social stability in the country.

President Vladimir Putin recently visited Beijing for the Belt and Road Forum, during which we agreed to strengthen our relations in the new situation. We agreed to boost regional economic integration, the parties’ economic globalisation, openness, inclusiveness, common benefit, balance and mutual success in order to stand together against global economic problems.

Our relations have always been a foreign policy priority for China. We are confident of our cooperation with Russia against global challenges. China and Russia should expand and deepen their cooperation in the spirit of mutual support and openness in order to create conditions for the joint development and revival of our countries and also to give a powerful boost towards stronger peace and stable development in the world as a whole.