Dmitry Medvedev meets with President of Slovenia Borut Pahor

The high officials focused on current issues of Russian-Slovenian cooperation.

Excerpt from the transcript:

Dmitry Medvedev: Relations between Russia and Slovenia are really good. They are based on historical friendship, and are developing gradually in general. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about our current relations with the European Union. But we know the reasons and the possibilities for overcoming the current situation. Let’s hope that relations between Russian and the EU will improve.

In any case, the Russian Government will do its best to promote economic cooperation with your country. We appreciate it and consider it necessary.

Borut Pahor: We cannot ignore the deterioration of relations between Russia and the European Union. At the same time, bilateral relations between Slovenia and Russia are the best. If we want these relations to continue developing comprehensively, and we do want this, it is necessary to stabilise the situation in eastern Ukraine. I am confident that this is possible given the will of both parties. This would be a great relief for the relationship in general, for security and for the economy, and would give a considerable boost to the development of relations between our two countries. I hope we will see such progress in the future.

Dmitry Medvedev: We also hope so.